In this interpretation of the Chapter, the Rococo style of Louis XIV's France is predominant in the adornments and clothing of the characters; despite the fact that it is a period well before the creation of the work, nevertheless chosen for the dramatic tone and the excess of ornamentation that suits the authorial vision of this version of Wonderland. Other characters not present in the original story of the chapter were included to give a festive atmosphere to the tea occasion. With this image, the aim is to convey a "Surrealistic Festivity" feeling not situated in a time and space where the rules of the material world do not apply, a place to escape. The empty chair in the background invites us to this imaginary feast. After all, in this context "Alice" is us - the spectators of the work.
The initial briefing was just an illustrated tea set within the theme of the chapter hanging on the wall, but when discussing it better with the curatorship, this idea evolved into the illustrated panel with ornamental plates hanging from the scene of the illustration, as a reference and tribute to the tableware of Decorated tea used in such events which is the central theme of the Chapter. Once it was established that the panel would be fully illustrated, research and character studies were carried out and a draft was developed for the curator's approval. It was established that the panel would be a sticker (and not painted directly) due to quarantine restrictions and with it the impossibility of working outside the home. The design was made entirely by hand, segmented into elements, scanned in very high resolution and digitally assembled. The installation is a panel printed in high quality matte adhesive and 3 decorative plates that integrates the illustration.
Fantasy and art have the power to help us resist moments when reality is difficult to bare. The purpose of this work is to promote a feeling of warmth and hope in the social and political context of 2021.It invites the various "Alices" passing by the panel to sit amongst the imaginary creatures and feast with them in this dream like place, and even, if only for a few seconds, escape their reality and imagine themselves in this more magical world.
"Um Chá Maluco" was a winner in the Brazilian Design Award 2021 (BRONZE at the Craft For Design- Illustration Category) and winner in the Latin American Design Awards 2022 (SILVER at the Print Material- Illustration Category).
A Mad Tea Party (2021) 
Dimension: 188 x 278 cm
Materials: panel - matte adhesive, plates - transfer paper on porcelain
Technique: Indian ink drawing on paper and digital finalization 
Photos: Diego Rodrigues and Everton Ballardin
Art Curators: Priscila Xavier and Tatiana Fujimori
Guest Artists: Alex Rodrigues, Ariádine, Daniel Esteves, Guta Moraes, Mariana Ser, Mauro Yamaguti, Nicole Bustamante and Renan Santos 
Mediators: Juba Duarte, Priscila Menegasso and Thiago Manfrini 
Design of the exhibition: Casa Rex
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