Hello, my name is NicoleI am an illustrator and visual artist based in São Paulo, Brazil.     
I have a professional trajectory in design, art direction and illustration for the fashion and advertising business. In my most authorial works I like to work in themes such as fantasy, surrealism, nature and blend different historical times.
Some clientes I have worked with: 
Nestlé, Café do Ponto, SESC, Editora Abril, TAG Livros, Havaianas, Fleischmann, Mauri, SPFW, Timberland, Dailus, C&A, Cantão, Coca-Cola Clothing, Redley, Sidewalk, Vicunha and Malwee.
In April 2014, I launched a vegan clothing brand "Nicole Bustamante-Vegan Goods" in a small collaborative space. Using my own resources and establishing partnerships with other small business and independent artists. It was one of the first brands (big or small) in Brazil to work with the concept of veganism in fashion (even in slow-fashion) and normalizing the use people of color as models. We are still very much active online but the focus of the shop changed into a artist online store.
Textile illustrations published in the books: Classic Patterns & Modern Patterns, in 2014. (Hong Kong, CHINA)
Participation in the "Mostra de Arte Felina" Exhibition at Casa Sinlogo, in 2015. (São Paulo, BRAZIL)
Participation in the "ReAlices Narrativas ArteVisuais" Exhibition at SESC Santo André, in 2021. (Santo André/SP, BRAZIL)
Participation in the "Imaginators-a-Go-Go" Exhibition at the WOWxWOW Galery, in August 2022. (Inverness/Scotland, UK)
Participation in the "WOW² (Volume VI)" Exhibition at the WOWxWOW Galery, in September 2022. (Inverness/Scotland, UK)
Illustrations published in ZUPI Magazine Issue#66, in 2022. (São Paulo, BRAZIL)
Winner of the BRONZE at the Craft For Design- Illustration Category in the Brazil Design Award 2021 for my participation in the "ReAlices Narrativas ArteVisuais" Exhibition at SESC Santo André.
Winner of the SILVER (LAD PLATA 2022) at the Print Material- Illustration Category in the Latin American Design Award 2022 for my participation in the "ReAlices Narrativas ArteVisuais" Exhibition at SESC Santo André.
What I like most about my work: 
That is to tell stories through images; to make visual narrative that sparks all kinds of feelings; to bring beauty and magic to a project.  I like to connect us to nature through art even if it's imagined nature. I like the idea that my work can bring some kind of escapism or solace to people; that it can have some kind of positive impact in their lives, even if it's for a few seconds. I honestly think that art can change lives for the better and I like to think that I can do that through my work.
Say hello at nicole.a.bustamante@gmail.com 
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